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1996 Speedbowl Weekly

In 1996, the local TV show was revamped to a different format with Adele Beth Greene hosting the show and interviewing one competitor from each division prior to the highlights of that division’s feature events. It was once again shown on WTWS Channel 26 out of New London, CT.

Below are the episodes we’ve been able to preserve so far. If anyone has additional episodes on VHS that you would be willing to let us restore, please contact us today!

Feature Winners: Dan Darnstaedt (MS), Allen Coates (SS), Tom Fox (LM), Scott Spaulding (SK)
Interviews: Dan Darnstaedt (MS), Allen Coates (SS), Rob Janovic Jr (LM), Eric Berndt (SK)

Feature Winners: Jeff Diegielewski (MS), Paul Dorothy (SS), Matt Kobyluck (LM), Bob Potter (SK)
Interviews: Luke Tussing (MS), Eric Webster (SS), Phil Rondeau (LM), Scott Spaulding (SK)

Feature Winners: Bob Greene (MS), Allen Coates (SS), Rob Janovic Jr (LM), Jimmy Broderick (SK)
Interviews: Jeff Diegielewski (MS), Eric Edgerely (SS), Matt Kobyluck (LM), Tucker Reynolds Jr (SK)

Feature Winners: Al Royce (MS), Ed Gertsch Jr (SS), Phil Rondeau (LM), Bob Potter (SK)
Interviews: Rob Oloski (MS), Mike Caprio (SS), Ed Reed Jr (LM), Jeff Pearl (SK)

Feature Winners: Jeff Diegielewski (MS), Paul Dorothy (SS), Tom Fox (LM), Mike Gada (SK)
Interviews: Al Royce (MS), John Puglisi (SS), John Faulkner (LM), Bob Potter (SK)

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